Monday, March 14, 2011

What is a Birchbox?

I've debated with myself about writing this post now, versus in a couple of months when I have more experience with the product.  However, after receiving my first package, I'm so excited I thought I would share with you now.  I'll continue to post updates as the year goes on and my experience with them broadens.

What is Birchbox?  Birchbox is a membership service that delivers 4-5 deluxe size beauty samples to your door monthly.  The cost is $10/month and that includes the shipping and handling.  If you like what they send you, you have the option of purchasing full sizes on their website, many of them with free shipping. Membership also includes access to their website, which is loaded with beauty tutorials and the latest in beauty information.  They even offer a purchasing incentive.

When you join, you fill out a questionnaire that allows them to customize your box specifically to your needs. I'm not convinced they actually do customize the boxes, but I would hope they take notice of skin sensitivities ect. The boxes include high end makeup, fragrance, skincare, body and hair products.  Each month you'll receive something different. How fun is that?

March is the first month that I have been a member and I have been eagerly awaiting my box for days.  Today when I picked up my mail, my box was there.  It was like Christmas, only better because I haven't sneaked a peak at my gifts! The packaging and presentation is very elegant.

This month I received a skin brightening Kantic Mask from Alchimie Forever, that I have been dying to try. The full size is $60, so a bit of an investment.  My sample will probably give me 3-4 uses.  They claim it erases skin wrinkles and reduces skin redness.  Those are some big promises.  Reviews of this product have been fabulous, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype.

Two Dr. Dennis Gross, Alpha Beta Glow Pads were included in my box.  I'm not too enthused about these.  They are little towelettes that have exfoliating and anti-aging ingredients. You apply it to your skin to ensure a streak free faux tan. A full size package includes 20 towelettes for $32, so the value of this sample is just over $3. I usually don't tan (fake or real), but I may give it a try.

The unexpected inclusion in the box is a tube of Marvis, Classic Mint Toothpaste.  Marvis is a high end Italian toothpaste that I have been hearing a lot about.  It's supposed to be great for smokers because the minty scent sticks with you.  Evidently it doesn't burn your mouth like a lot of breath freshening toothpastes do. The sample looks like it will last me at least 2 weeks.

I'm most pleased with the Pangea Organics, Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Lip Balm.  This is a full sized product that retails at $10.  Considering I paid $10 for the entire box, I definitely got my moneys worth and some products I'm interested in trying.  As an extra, they also included a foil sample of Pangea Organics, Facial Cream with Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Thyme.

The bonus gift this month is a brow brush.  Basically it's a spooly wand.  The same thing they sample mascara with at Sephora.  It's nothing special, but it's always nice to have an extra one. They also include a free song upload from Dutch pop star Oh Land.  Something new to listen to.

I haven't belonged to Birchbox long enough to say that I recommend them, but so far I'm pleased.  The contents of this box wasn't as exciting as some of the ones I've seen in past months, but I still feel like I got my moneys worth.  I'll keep you updated on future boxes and let you know my thoughts.


  1. I'm intrigued. $10 a month is not much to pay for quality samples. I'll be interested to see what you get next month. Keep writing!

  2. Yes, me, too! It does sound like a fun surprise if you get worthwhile stuff. I'll keep tuned in to find out.