Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Have a...

For a lot of us, skin care is a battle.  Whether we are battling acne, wrinkles, dry flaky skin, eczema or rosacea we all face a daunting challenge.  To further complicate things, your skin is always changing.  Once you have found that HG (holy grail) product that makes your skin glow, that fickle skin of yours changes.  Now, what once made you glow, makes you look like an oil slick.

Cleansers have been one of those items that have been particularly troublesome for me.  Foaming cleansers may work for awhile, but they eventually dry my skin out.  Dry oils seem to work OK for me, but they're too messy (I'm a bit of a klutz).  Shu Uemera makes a great dry oil, but it's no longer available in The States.  You can order online, but that's too much bother for me (remember...LAZY!). Cream cleansers always seem to leave a film on my face, that at first is moisturizing, but later gives birth to cousins of Mt Vesuvius. 

My skin is relatively sensitive, with moderate to severe rosacea.  When looking for a cleanser I look for something that will gently cleanse my skin, oh and not cost a small fortune.  I don't think that's too much to ask for, but it certainly is hard to find something that delivers. 

About two years ago I found my HG cleanser.  It was like the skies parted and the angels started singing.  Now I know that sounds silly, but for me it was a defining moment.  I had started to ignore my skin, because no matter what I did, it never looked good.

Purity by Philosophy is the cleanser that changed all that for me.  It's that single product that is a makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner in one.  It removes eye makeup, even notoriously difficult waterproof eyeliner, easily.  Purity rinses off the face with just a few splashes of water and leaves my skin feeling clean, with no film left behind.  When dry, my face doesn't feel like the Sahara desert.  Purity got me excited about skin care again.

Philosophy makes their Purity cleanser in three different formulas.  The one I use is the cream cleanser.  It's more like a lotion then a cream.  Philosophy makes Purity as a foaming cleanser and cleansing cloths in addition to the cream formula, but I haven't tried those.  The cleansing cloths might be nice for travel though.

Everyone has different skin, and what works for me,  may not work for you.  If you love multi-tasking products, this may be something you'll want to try.  It comes in 5 different sizes, with the smallest costing $10.  Not a huge investment for something that may change the way you approach your skincare.

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