Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lush Love-Part Deux

The love keeps going.  I've told you about the Bubble Bars, and those aren't even my favorite Lush products.  What girl or guy doesn't love a scented bubble bath?  Sometimes though, that's not enough.  You may need a little stimulation/refreshment or even just a soothing soak that leaves your skin feeling like silk. Those are the times that I reach for the bath bombs or the Bath Melts.

The bath bombs which Lush is so known for, are perhaps my least favorite item.  I do love the drama of them bubbling and fizzing away in my tub, but most of them dry out my skin. Some of the bath bombs are filled with flowers, glitter and other surprises that quite honestly make cleaning the tub afterwards a pain.  I do like the Butterball bath bomb.  It's a vanilla scented bomb loaded with chunks of cocoa butter that melt in your tub keeping your skin soft.  It lightly scents your skin and you can even skip the body lotion after your bath.  Perfect for how lazy I feel after a nice relaxing soak.

Sex Bomb intrigued me, not just because of it's name, but for the paper flower that was supposed to float in the tub after the bomb did its thing. I was picturing a pink tub with a beautiful rose floating around.  Sex Bomb was a complete bomb (come on you knew that was coming!).  The flower dissolved into mushy chunks, that reminded me of mucous. Nasty.  Of all the bombs this is the one that really left my skin dry and itchy.  It did offer dramatic sizzle and fizz as it dissolved, but that show was over in minutes.  All show and no substance.
 For an invigorating bath the Avobath fits the bill.  It's made with lemongrass oil and avocado.  The scent may be overwhelming to some, but I really enjoy the zippy citrus scent of lemongrass.  The avocado is supposed to moisturize your skin, but not in any way that I noticed.  It tints the bath a pretty green shade.
Dragons Egg is perhaps the most fun of the bunch.  It makes all kinds of crackling, fizzy sounds as it dissolves and changes colors.  Its starts off as a mottled white, turning into a bright tangerine foam that gives way to a glittery golden sheen.  The bomb releases confetti into the tub.  The confetti is made out of the same unpleasant material as the Sexbomb rose. The scent is that of an orange creamsicle, but not overwhelmingly so.  Be warned, ultra fine glitter all over the textured bottom of a tub is VERY difficult to clean.  This one makes a nice gift-someone else can do the cleaning.

Frog Prince is a Valentines special, which really isn't all that special.  Its a green frog, with red cocoa butter lips that quickly dissolve into your tub.  It promises to dissolve into a prince and it does...kinda.  Floating in your tub, you'll find a little piece of paper with a cartoon prince on it.  Whatever...

So far my absolute fave have been the Bath Melts.  Think bath oil in solid form, again saving on the packaging.  Ceridwens Cauldron is the one that I have bought repeatedly.  Lush describes it as, "an enchanting potion of oats, lavender and sandalwood".  Supposedly if you spit in the water 3 times your wish will come true.  Haven't tried that yet, let me know if it works for you.

One of the things I really like about Ceridwens Cauldron is that it comes wrapped in muslin.  So once the actual bar melts, you're left with a little bag filled with oats and flower petals that do a lovely job exfoliating the skin. The scent is mild, so if strong fragrances bother you, this might be the one for you to try. Like a lot of other Lush products, this one is Vegan.

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment is a sweet smelling Bath Melt, not unlike the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar without the bubbles. The 2 of them together would make for a really nice bath, albeit a rather expensive one.  I easily can get 2 baths out of a single MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment.

The Dreamtime Bath Melt has a warm cozy scent.  It's perfect for those candle lit baths with a glass of wine.  While I can get 2 baths out of it, I prefer the feel of an entire melt in the tub.  Pure Luxury.

Cocoa butter, mango butter and avocado butter make up You've Been Mangoed, probably the most cheerful of the bunch.  This is the Bath Melt to reach for when you want to bring a smile to your face.  I haven't tried it yet, but I have heard that if you cut it into thin slices,  it makes a great body butter rubbed into your skin.

The Bath Melt that I really wanted to like was Happy Blooming.  Its segmented into 3 sections that you can snap off easily.  Three baths out of 1 melt and the sweet smell of cherries, what's not to like?  Well, the 1 wedge wasn't enough for my tub, the smell was rather artificial and the actual melt never completely dissolved in the tub.  It left a pinkish film clinging to bottom of the bath.  That might of been the calamine powder, but it was annoying none the less.  I'm thinking this would be a good one to keep on hand for skin irritations, but otherwise I just wasn't impressed. Kids might enjoy this one though, it turns the water a bright pink.

Last time I was in Lush I picked up a couple of their other products and I'll let you know about them after I've played with them for a bit.  I've got a fresh face mask sitting in the refrigerator, a shower gel hiding in the medicine cabinet (can't let the hubby use it all) and a luscious rose scented body smoothie waiting to be lathered on.  Wish me luck!

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