Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

Fall is just around the corner and I figured this might be a good time to look at a few of the more promising makeup trends.

1.  Eyeliner Bold and Beautiful:  The focus is definitely on eyeliner this fall.  This trend, perhaps more then any other, has predominated the fashion magazines,runways and editorials.  Thanks to new eyeliner formulas from such companies as Make Up Forever, Urban Decay and Stila it's easy to recreate these bold eye looks at home.  Beautiful bright gem toned eyeliners in purples, teals and blues are brightening eyes.
If the eyeliner isn't bright then it's a bold kitten flick or a sexy wing.  Do you have an unsteady hand?  Then Dior Velvet Eyes has you covered with their new felt eyeliner stickers.  How cool is that?

Whether you choose a bright bold color or a sexy kitten flick, remember to keep the rest of the eye neutral.  This is not a look that calls for deep contouring or bright sparkly highlights. 

2.  Brows Are Back:  Finally the trend of bleached, over plucked brows has gone the way of the dodo bird .  Brows are finally back and in a beautiful way.  The trend is to a more natural brow, not the bushy brows of the 80's.  Uhmmm...guess who may of been the inspiration to this liberating trend?
3.  Blush Heads South: This has been a look I've been struggling to figure out.  Is it a editorial/runway only trend or something that works beautifully at home?  I'm not talking about contouring, but moving that luscious flush below your cheekbones.  I think this is a look that works better for those blessed with amazing cheekbones.  For those so blessed, it's a beautiful look.

4.  Bright Lips Without a Harsh Edge:  In the past when going for a bold lip it has been essential to start with a lip liner.  It's no longer important and in fact it's rather passe.  Today's  better lipstick formulas, don't bleed and offer a level of translucence we haven't seen before.  Whether glossy or matte don't fall into the trap of a harsh rigid lip line.  If you absolutely have to use lip liner, gently roll a damp Q-tip around the edges to soften them.

5.  Metallic Nails: Gold, rose gold, silver, platinum pick your poison.  Almond shaped or bejeweled it doesn't matter as long as the gorgeous gleam of precious metal is there.

Are any of these trends calling your name?  What do you think?  I, for one, am seriously jonesing for those Dior Velvet Eyes.