Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They're Real! Benefits Newest Mascara

Mascara is probably the last thing I need.  As you may know I'm a bit of a mascara slut.  I fall for about every new product that hits the shelves.  I have found my holy grail mascara, but that doesn't seem to be enough for me!  I want more!

So when I heard about Benefits new mascara; They're Real, I just HAD to have it!  Can you blame me?  They claim that it will give you dramatic length, volume, base to tip curl, visible lift AND long wearing results.  What really got me was the really cool wand, it's designed to be used both vertically and horizontally.  It's a traditional mascara wand with a spiky sphere on the end that allows you to get to all those little baby lashes.

I bought this months ago when Benefit had a pre-release at Ulta and it's taken me this long to decide if I like it. 

The first time I used They're Real I was almost in tears.  It clumped my lashes so badly and I was rushing to go out to meet friends.  It was weeks before I was willing to give it a second chance, but I'm glad I did.

The key to this mascara (all mascaras really) is to make sure you don't have too much product on your wand.  The mascara dries to a inky black finish with a slight sheen.  As the mascara dries it shrinks, pulling your lashes up, giving you that curled lash look.  After that first time I had minimal clumping.  I have not experienced any flaking/smearing with They're Real AND I've even been successful wearing them on my lower lashes, with no smudges.

This is a good mascara, a very good mascara.  I still love my Buxom and my Cover Girl Lash BlastThey're Real offers a look that neither of them delivers on...drama.  I don't use They're Real  every day, but if I'm going out or looking for drama, They're Real is my go to mascara...for now.

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