Sunday, July 17, 2011

Milani Color Streaks

I LOVE Milani!  Their blushes are to die for.  The Liqiuif'eye liner is simply the best liner I've found (sorry Urban Decay).  The lip glosses put MAC to shame.  I really, really wanted to love or at least like the newest product in the Milani collection; Color Streaks.

  For a limited time only they have released Color Streaks, which is basically a mascara like product that temporarily colors your hair. You may remember similar products that either made your hair stiff and crunchy, oily, waxy or just didn't  work.  In fact, I remember Miss S getting some with a Barbie one year for Christmas. I wasn't hyped when I first heard about them, but hey it's Milani, it's got to be good!  They even have keratin in them and that's good, right?

No.  No. AND NO!  These suck worse then those Barbie wands Miss S got that Christmas.  They don't show up in my brunette hair, which wouldn't be to surprising, but the promo images show it on beautiful BLACK hair!  They dry stiff and clumpy. AND they stained my hand!

In the tubes the colors are gorgeous.  The multi colored glitter one had me so excited.  It had those beautiful hexagonal glitters I love so much mixed with a smaller glitter.  Unfortunately it's mixed in a black base so it's hard to see and the mascara applicator barely picks up any of the glitter.

Buy or Bust?  What do you think? I bought the pink, purple and black glitter and ALL 3 are going back to CVS.  Have you tried these yet?  I'd love to hear about your experiances!

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  1. Bummer! Sounds like a fun idea. Too bad it didn't work! I guess we understand why they only released for a "limited time." People will buy, discover they don't work and won't buy again. Company still makes money. Too bad.