Wednesday, July 27, 2011

L'Oreal Le Gloss

Le Gloss is L'Oreals most recent introduction into the world of tube lip glosses.  I'll be honest, I've never really been a fan of tube lip glosses; they just seem messy, not that pigmented and quite frankly the colors have never really wowed me.

After seeing these pretty tubes in just about every drugstore I've been in over the last few weeks, I decided to break down and give them a try.  I took the plunge and picked up 4 tubes in Golden Splash (shimmering coral), Really Rose (creamy mauve), Watermelon (shimmering pink) and Blushing Berry (creamy berry). 

The gloss has an artificial vanilla cookie scent to it, but no flavor.  No flavor is a good thing, otherwise I find myself licking it off.  Unlike most tube glosses these are not particularly sheer,and the colors themselves are really quite pretty.  On their own they are not opaque like a lip cream, but neither are they sheer. I get about 2-3 hours of wear with these glosses.  The color wears off quickly, but they remain moisturizing for another hour or so.

The moisturizing properties of these lip glosses are probably their best attribute. Infused with omega 3, argan oil and vitamin E these glosses provide not only shine but a nice dose of moisture for your lips. I did not find these drying in anyway and most impressive of all...they are not sticky! My hair didn't get stuck to my lips once.

I like these best over lipstick. They do a nice job of giving your lip a subtle shine and dimension without breaking down the lipstick below it. 

The packaging is pretty much a miss for me.  The tubes and dispenser are your typical tube lip gloss, nothing special, but nothing bad.  The gold labeling on the package is a big fail though.  After just a few uses I found the gold rubbing off.  Not a terrible thing, but it does end up leaving you with a rather shabby looking product.

Currently there are 16 different shades available including clear. Each tube retails for around $8, less if you can find a sale. I bought mine on a BOGO 50% off.

  Would I buy again? Yes.  While they are expensive for a drugstore lipgloss they are a bargain compared to high end brands.  What about you?  Have you tried these?  Are you planning on trying these?

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