Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Favorites and Not So Favorite

There are some products that I reach for over and over again.  There are other products that I use to excess and then I get bored with them. Unfortunately there are products that are duds from the get go.  Some things are so great I want to share with you, but I don't have enough experience with them to warrant a whole blog post.  Each month I want to share with you my favorites and not so favorites.  Some I may have already shared with you and others may be new.

The nail polish color that has been my go to color this month has actually been a combination of two colors; OPI's Last Friday Night layered over OPI's Teal the Cows Come Home.  A fun blue combination that literally will blow your socks off in the sun.

  Last Friday Night is part of the Katy Perry collection that OPI released earlier this year.  It a transcluscent blue gel with beautiful blue, teal and silver glitter. I most appreciate the fact that the polish has a sophisticated edge to it.  It doesn't scream, "craft store accident".  Last Friday Night is the perfect "fix it" polish.  Any time I have a polish that just isn't working for me, I can slap a coat of Last Friday Night on, and what was once boring is transformed into something amazing.  If you like glitter polishes, Last Friday Night is an absolute MUST HAVE!
I'm still searching for my HG Drugstore Mascara.  I may have found it this month, and I'll let you know after further testing and wear.  Hate to tease you with that, but...

Lately my 10 year old daughter has been asking me to straighten her hair.  Not wanting to fry her hair I have been looking for a protectant spray that works well in her wavy hair AND my own defy the rules of gravity locks.  got2b Guardian Angel Protect 'N Flatten has worked really well for us.  It protects your hair up to 420 degrees and after running the flat iron through, you are left with a lustrous shine, no crunchies.  It does have a rather strong fragrance, but that rapidly dissipates and doesn't bother me at all.  For $6.99 a bottle, I don't see any reason to look further.  got2b makes a spray for use with a curling iron and I'm not really sure what the difference is, but I may give it a try after I break down and buy a clampless curling iron.

Perhaps my biggest disappointment this month has been my MAC Viva Glam Gaga II lipglass and lipstick.  I was really looking forward to this release as the promotional shots are gorgeous.  Granted I'm no Lady Gaga, but goodness these are hard colors to wear.  They are nude, not just R rated nude, more like XXX.  I don't regret the purchased though as 100% of the $14.50 purchase price goes to the MAC AIDS Fund.

As much a I love Lush, not everything they make is wonderful.  Turkish Delight Body Polish is a complete dud in my opinion.  The fragrance is what lured me in.  A beautiful rosy scent that literally draws my mind to a field of dew dropped rose petals.  Turkish Delight is the most expensive of the Body Smoothies that Lush produces, and at $29.50 for 7 oz I really hesitated purchasing it. Now I really wish I hadn't.  It leaves a film on your skin that is NOT moisturizing and in fact makes you feel dirty (not in a good way).  I still love the fragrance, but that doesn't even have the courtesy to linger on your skin.

Did you have any great finds in March?  Did any products disappoint you?  Tell me about them.

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  1. Have to agree with you about the Last Friday Night. I might have to pick up a bottle for myself (and stop using yours!). Also need to try the got2b, if it's that good. Although how often do I straighten my hair? ;-)