Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brush Love

I'm in love.  I'm deliriously happy.   It makes me glow like nothing else.  It feels so good, I just can't stop touching it. Now before you start thinking naughty things, let me tell you what I'm in love with.  It's a blush brush.  Yes, a makeup brush.  I realize it's silly, but until you try it, you just can't appreciate the way I feel about this blush brush. 

Real Techniques has recently introduced a line of brushes by Samantha Chapman.  For those of you who don't recognize the name, Sam is one of the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube.  They are extremely talented makeup artists who have some of the best tutorials on YouTube and now a great line of makeup brushes.

Unlike other celebrity inspired/endorsed products Sam had hands on input in developing these brushes.  It was important to Sam that the brushes be vegan.  Unlike many other vegan/synthetic brushes, this blush brush actually picks up pigment nicely and deposits it smoothly.

The bristles on the Real Techniques brushes are hand cut taklon.  I have always been biased towards animal hair bristles.  The synthetic fiber brushes I have used in the past haven't held pigment the way animal hair does.  The taklon fibers on the Real Techniques brushes are finely spun and pigment clings to them.  The fibers don't break and fray the way animal hair does.  Perhaps most importantly taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free. 
The shape of the brush head is tapered and glides along the cheekbone, depositing the perfect amount of color.  Blush brushes come in basically 3 shapes; angled, domed and tapered.  I have tried them all, and let me tell you the tapered brush is the way to go when it comes to applying blush, it's almost idiot proof.  This blush brush contours and blends easily.  I use it for applying my blush and bronzer. 

The Real Techniques blush brush is comparable to MAC in quality in every way.  Where they are not comparable is in price.  The equivalent blush brush will run you $52 at the MAC counter.  At Ulta the infinitely better Real Techniques brush costs $8.99, that's a savings of over $40!  Give it a try, you might fall in love to.

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