Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Find the Best Foundation For YOU! Part IV

Finally!  You are ready to start shopping for your foundation.  I suggest a trip to your local Sephora, if you have one close by. I like Sephora better then Ulta and department store cosmetic counters when shopping for foundation. The sales associates at Sephora don't work for any one brand and they are in general, very knowledgeable about all the lines they carry. Show them your list and tell them your color, they will guide you the rest of the way.

Sephora is also very generous with the samples.  Nordstrom is one of the few department stores I have found that encourages you to sample.  I recommend narrowing your choices down to 3 or 4 different foundations. Don't be afraid, ask for samples. What may look good in the store, may not look so good 3 hours later.

If your budget doesn't allow for Sephora then I suggest hitting a local CVS, Target or Walgreens. CVS is great because they have a generous return policy. Shopping for foundation in drugstores is more difficult because they don't usually have testers like they do in Sephora or department stores. Samples are almost nonexistent in drugstores.  Finding a drug store with a good return policy is important because what looks good in the bottle may not look good on you when you get home.

A good tool to use for shopping for foundation in drugstores (and in general) is the Foundation Matrix on Temptalia.  To use the Foundation Matrix, you basically input your MAC color and then find the brand of foundation you are looking at.  The matrix will guide you to finding the best color for you.  I have used the matrix with quite a bit of success.  It's not perfect, but it really is very helpful.

Take your time choosing your foundation.  Use the samples several times, in different situations.  Don't rush to make a purchase.  Make sure you're happy with what you have chosen.  Most importantly...have fun!